My feet hurt.

The road is long and empty, with no cars or people in site.

My feet hit the pavement one after another, the asphalt slipper underneath.

The road is wet, the air is foggy and it’s a cloudy.

I pray to the Gods I don’t believe in, that it doesn’t rain.

Alone on this road  with only my thoughts.

Alone like in life, no wife, no kids, no dog and only an annoying family.

They continue to ask me when will I get married, have kids and even “maybe get a dog.”

I have always been alone, by choice not because I’m that much of a loser.

I have friends, but they have their social media.

They only make time to hang out when they need to post more pictures, for their adoring fans.

A gust of wind sends a chill, I put my a hands inside my jacket.

Alone with my thoughts, never a good thing.

Is my life empty? Are my parents right? Is my career a dead end?

The darks thoughts are creeping up, man I will need a drink tonight.

I start thinking how did I get here, how could I have avoided this.

I realize, if I would have only put gas in my car at the last gas station, like my gut told me too.

I would have been driving on this road, instead of being cold, wet and alone with my stupid thoughts.

And no my feet hurt.

Day#3 SJD


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