At The Edge

At one point I look over.

We all look over.

To see how far that fall would be.

See if it will hurt.

Can we make it, or will we die.

Would the fall be worth it.

What is gained from committing to jump.

Mostly all step away.

For them nothing is to be gained.

For most, it’s a childish thought that crossed their mind.

They spit over the edge.

As to laugh in the face of  a youthful self for thinking such things.

That is most of the world, fear.

The only thing they know is fear.

There are those who will jump.

They have thought of it.

They could die.

They could survive in pain.

Or they could fly.

For we will all one day die, that will not change.

Life will hit you the hardest, leaving you to survive in pain.

What is left but to dream.

Dream of the possibilities that awaits you once you step off the edge.





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