It’s Written

It’s been a long time since I’ve written My penmanship hasn’t gotten any better  And my spelling is still atrocious  That’s not what has been keeping me I honestly don’t know what it was  It wasn’t writer’s block  Or for a lack of ideas I’ve got notebooks of ideas collecting dust Maybe a lack of […]

Writing You

Truth be told Don’t know where to start I write and I stop Scribble and crumble Another wasted piece of paper on the floor No words past “Hi” Still trying to get past your desertion  That might take forever  Pen trembles  I can’t write Drop it all Push away from the table Go sit on […]

Loves Forgotten

All loves forgotten Buried in the mind as hazy memories  Rarely mentioned or conjured  A whisper and it’s lost again  Sent fleeing by the wind A familiar name causing a spark But the fire never catches  Once easily remembered, now in a moment nearly forgotten Whatever was left time has taken Never knowing which direction […]

Not True

I ask myself this question What’s the root of my pain? I can’t seem to move past it It’s the same dumb question time after time Yet, I know the answer  But I rejects it’s truth It frightens me It would mean admitting… I’m the source of my pain I won’t accept this I can’t […]

An Afterthought

I use to write a lot Pages of ideas Now I think too much What great pain to stop writing Miss the tangible Deciphering my chicken scratch An Old soul Trapped in what looks like a younger man But merely looks Definitely doesn’t feel that way Always at odds with myself Some things too crazy to […]