Over Again

It’s happening again A nightmare relieved A groundhog day becomes a year Almost certain it’s not 2020 I swear I saw this episode already So mad and confused No end in sight But stay positive and do the right thing Blah blah blah I guess everyone is dusting off their notes from last year Is […]

Pull Strings

Never free Indoctrinated into our beliefs What is right and wrong Who is good and evil What is expected of me Make the Gods happy and your parents proud From the moment we could think We were taught not to think for ourselves Critical thinking you’ll never need it Every decision already made It was […]

Exhale Truth

Before we speak Inhale a deep breath Let the air fill our lungs Time will pass Our thoughts will become uncomplicated On the exhale Let go of our judgement Of the indignation we hold The idea we are the victim That we have no blame As the air escapes It will take the lies we’ve […]

Anchors Away!

Anchored are we Freedom never a reality The waves move us in every direction Yet we go nowhere Times passes and the tide rises We rise and fall with it Believing that our perspective has change and therefore we have moved A child’s idea of hope Forever in the same water only at different seasons […]