Closed Doors

Door shut behind you as you exit No point of looking back Nothing to gain from starring at closed doors Your potential lies in front  Only madness lingers behind closed doors  Easy to feel lost at times Confused as to why the door closed at all Was it for them or you?  It was for […]

In Letting Go

Better are those who let go No need to forgive Just let go Don’t live trying to find ways to fix what’s already past Let go before it’s to late No amount of thinking will change what time has etched in stone Let go for your sake Don’t worry who’s fault it really was  The […]

Loves Forgotten

All loves forgotten Buried in the mind as hazy memories  Rarely mentioned or conjured  A whisper and it’s lost again  Sent fleeing by the wind A familiar name causing a spark But the fire never catches  Once easily remembered, now in a moment nearly forgotten Whatever was left time has taken Never knowing which direction […]