Remembering A Dream

Two Extremes  A roaring silence  And a crowded loneliness Sharing the same space Existing in the same moment Clarity through confusion  Saints finding themselves in madness I follow them into a room A single light in a room that’s visibly empty  The light falls on an emerging face The wrinkles of time and the pain […]


I want to say so many things At the same time I feel that I should stay quiet One minute I want change Be better, be greater And the next  I want none of that Do I change or stay the same Move forward or stay still Be comfortable and settle Or step out of […]

For Reasons Unknown

No cause for this feeling No illness Healthy and good Mind appears to be sane Still something’s off No motivation  No drive or desire No urge to grow Why even bother? Cynical, that sounds bitter to me Maybe over failures  What else can it be? No other explanation Maybe a sense of entitlement  As if […]