I Care Less

I cared yesterday Wanted to impress Jumped on all the calls Tried to do the best Ran around being everyone’s hero But nobody cared What was above and beyond Has now become what’s expected What was going the extra mile Has now become part of the job description And when it can’t be done I’m […]

Nice Day

Door left wide open Sitting on the back porch Watching the waves crash Hearing the roar of the ocean Sun beating on my face Drink in hand Mind not wondering Thoughts are calm At peace A strange feeling for a man once at war Now those memories a distant past I can breathe And exhale […]

Till Tomorrow

Never told them Why would I Time was on my side Next time I would Confident that tomorrow would come To lazy to do anything today Life didn’t bring them a tomorrow I’m left regretting yesterday Thinking about what I should’ve said The truth I’ll never get to tell them And a tomorrow that will […]

Unknown Road

There is a road and it leads to nowhere How do I know It’s a road I take to disappear  I take it on random nights  When my only company is the moon My only guide the stars I never look back because I’m trying to forget The dusk kicks up and hides my escape […]