Many Paths

I haven’t found it  The desire that will lead to my purpose I’ve started down many paths  But none felt like they were mine I felt like a stranger  The excitement of finding my purpose was fleeting I’ve lived I made my family Provided them a way Continued to move forward Traveled all roads possible […]

Closed Doors

Door shut behind you as you exit No point of looking back Nothing to gain from starring at closed doors Your potential lies in front  Only madness lingers behind closed doors  Easy to feel lost at times Confused as to why the door closed at all Was it for them or you?  It was for […]

No Break Required

Forgiveness of others I find easer than forgiving myself I understand people are human  Mistakes are the human experience at work I’m human and mistakes are part of my experience  But where is the humanity I need to show myself Where is the pass for me I never wanted to be perfect But won’t allow […]

Start Something 

Starting anything comes with a crippling fear It freezes all your motivation Unable to take that first step Keeps drowning you in doubt The longer you stand still The fast your thoughts run wild Slowing moving away from progressive You fall back on your heals No more first step Your muscle feel heavy Shoulders slump […]

Remembering A Dream

Two Extremes  A roaring silence  And a crowded loneliness Sharing the same space Existing in the same moment Clarity through confusion  Saints finding themselves in madness I follow them into a room A single light in a room that’s visibly empty  The light falls on an emerging face The wrinkles of time and the pain […]