In Letting Go

Better are those who let go No need to forgive Just let go Don’t live trying to find ways to fix what’s already past Let go before it’s to late No amount of thinking will change what time has etched in stone Let go for your sake Don’t worry who’s fault it really was  The […]

Leaving The City

Ever hear the silence in moments of chaos Horn blaring, intense crowds and the sounds of a bustling city  Yet to you it’s quiet as can be You can year your heartbeat so clearly That which doesn’t matter, is muffled  I stop in the middle of a crowd Look around at all the faces Not […]

Getting Better

We weather things differently  Two different lenses that we look through  Always on different pages Often mis stepping on each other  We’re even wrong when it doesn’t matter Being perfect was never for us We knew this would take work  And trust me  As we get better  So will our home It’s still under construction […]


I want to say so many things At the same time I feel that I should stay quiet One minute I want change Be better, be greater And the next  I want none of that Do I change or stay the same Move forward or stay still Be comfortable and settle Or step out of […]