Leave Me Alone

He had his brim lowered over his eyes He pushed through a crowd Avoiding eye contact Making no connections  Unable to avoid human contact  A thought that made him cringe  Occasionally looking up But mostly at the ground At the pavement before him A sea of feet coming towards him A crowd amassing around him  […]

Hit & Miss

I never know the moment When bad times will find me How hard it will hit? No warning from life In an instance, Bam! It beats me unexpectedly  Uncertain if it will let me stand up Or if it will let me catch my breathe  All that’s left, is to wait for the next hit […]


Deep breathes Explosive exhales All this heaviness  Trying to overcome me On the verge of losing I need to run Go all out  Wake up! Worried I can’t control it Afraid it will devour me I can’t fight it Deep breathes Explosive bursts of exhales I’m weak Giving away It’s caught up to me My […]

Writing You

Truth be told Don’t know where to start I write and I stop Scribble and crumble Another wasted piece of paper on the floor No words past “Hi” Still trying to get past your desertion  That might take forever  Pen trembles  I can’t write Drop it all Push away from the table Go sit on […]

Loves Forgotten

All loves forgotten Buried in the mind as hazy memories  Rarely mentioned or conjured  A whisper and it’s lost again  Sent fleeing by the wind A familiar name causing a spark But the fire never catches  Once easily remembered, now in a moment nearly forgotten Whatever was left time has taken Never knowing which direction […]

Not True

I ask myself this question What’s the root of my pain? I can’t seem to move past it It’s the same dumb question time after time Yet, I know the answer  But I rejects it’s truth It frightens me It would mean admitting… I’m the source of my pain I won’t accept this I can’t […]

Blink And It’s Gone

Time stands still here Clouds never move  The birds fly in slow motion  Sun unwillingly to set I never want to leave  Time suits me fine here  I’ve found my place It moves at my pace I want to stay forever  Forever in this place  Where time moves with such ease Where death is still […]

Now Leave

Excuse me I can’t take this Pardon me I can’t look at you Indulge me While I break eye contact Looking away to avoid your stares That judgmental righteous you love to give But feel some type of way, to receive  Disappointed  I’m more like saddened  I never expect much from the world Or even […]

Mindless Waste

I let their words steal from me The most valuable of things  That which we get no more of My time They rattled my peace with their problems  Had me squander my thoughts on them Pulled me into their madness  Had me wasted trying to understand them They tried to conform me But I didn’t […]