We Pass

Don’t know about this news Figured it would never come You weren’t someone I worried about Took your punches and kept moving Didn’t complain in the moment Only while drinking Life was life, what can you do We be your famous last words Just the way you were with me You genuinely were happy to […]

This Race

Break fast and run hard Keep pace Don’t slow down Life is gaining Feel it getting closer Don’t look back Footsteps echo louder If it passes you Run it down Don’t stop Legs will hurt Chest will burn Sides will feel like punches This race Life Wasn’t meant to be painless It’s a test Don’t […]

A Balance

Easy to forget That we need someone Another to be there Either human or pet Bringing a balance Keeping us loved We are not built for loneliness Solitude is not the same In our darkness It’s that other that brings us to the light We make more together Alone we think too much Find your […]

Searching For My Voices

Words are incoherent Clouded at times Just an array of noises No clear thought Searching in the darkness Afraid of what I might find Words that elude me Yearning to say so much No clue what to say first Thoughts bombarded Curled in a corner too much noise to take Needing help A direction from […]

A Peaceful Burn

Embers burn slow They glow in the night Moon hiding behind the clouds The woods crackles Ash raises and burns out Smoke disappears into the night Wood can be heard drying The fire shoots higher Widely out of control Still contained within it’s walls I can’t stop looking It’s light draws me The sounds engulfs […]