Need Help

A little help Friends help you get by Lovers help endure Family helps get back up How far do we get alone? With help no way of telling Life hurts less With someone to share the story with Day #340 SJD © 2020 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

Unknown Tears

Two tears for the unknown In passing a story I heard A life long struggle With a tragic end A hero did not make it Their life now an example A beacon to others I cried not because of their story But because I know deep down They would’ve rather lived Day #339 SJD © […]

Weird Place

I’ve seen all movies I can Wasted endless time scrolling The weekend no longer matters Stuck at home chasing my tail Bored out of my mind My imagination has called out No indication of when it will return I feel drawn down Tomorrow has to be a better day Better than today? Not saying much […]

Repeating Dream

When the smoke clears I hear the screams Look around but nothing is clear Confusions the only thing I see I hear familiar voices The faces are strange to me I don’t recognize them Even though I feel connected to them Now I noticed the bodies around me Some are getting up Some are following […]

Imitating Art

Tables turned In prison four walls contain you Now four walls save you Irony and life at play Turning normal days In Twilight Zone days Not even Black Mirror could’ve seen this Life never seizes to amaze What’s next Jurassic Park will happen The Walking Dead will be a thing Shit maybe it’s all part […]

Crashing Awake

The teapot screams Pull it off the heat Day starts My eyes still want to sleep I slouch against the counter It props me up Make my tea Drop it on the table A splash makes it out Look in the fridge Chinese leftover The best Heat it up Microwave or stove The microwave it […]

Good Company

I drink alone Don’t bother with the rest People regurgitating what they hear The appearance of intelligence Everyone wants to be your friend With a drink in your hand A foggy conversation of bullshit The misinformed informing the misinformed Fake laughs and smiles Slighted egos trying to impress Alone at the end of the bar […]

Come In

Open the windows Crack open the doors If I can’t go outside I will let the outside come in A breeze flashes through Breathing new life The sound of cars Almost none existent I hear birds instead I feel the sunlight Pull my chair closer to the window Lean back and close my eyes I […]

Open Your Hand

I figured I’d write this Before I didn’t have time Or forgot what I wanted to say Don’t hold the hate for to long Learn to let go It will stain your hand And poison your thoughts Like a bad bruise It will grow Consuming more of you Slowing covering you in itself Soon you […]


On top of this mountain Alone from the world I breathe deeply Yell freely Curse those who’ve caused this Whether they are God or man Better alone and safe Then alone and dying The birds are free Man is trapped A fitting punishment A virus to wipe out the disease Day #331 SJD © 2020 […]