Last Light

Before the sun sets I stare at the sky Watching its final burn The darkness taking it’s place The cold can be felt on my breath This night is different No stars in the sky No moon to shine Can’t hear the birds They have stopped talking The wind has died down I will go […]

Need People

We live to touch To feel Perceive emotions Intimate contact To be part of the pack We are pulled to one another For fear of dying alone Of being alone This isolation Tortures our soul Even loners have friends To be part of the crew To sit and laugh For these times I wait Day […]

Telling Times

Abandoned are you Alone with yourself Your thoughts consume you Your doubts encourage more doubt Imprisoned by your own hand Many will realize Living with a monster is tough Tougher when you realize who the monster is You will learn many things by being alone First, who you are not Second, what you truly are […]

My Return

Before I go Take my soul Share it with the world Let my spirit press forward No remorse I took my chances Mistakes made Punches received Found myself on the ground  But still I stood My wisdom I impart Live through it You will get sick Loved ones will die You will fail A lot […]

Life On The Moon

I’m on the dark side of the moon Hidden to those from far Exposed to those who are close These shadows holds many mysteries In this darkness lies a world Your eyes will fail you here Follow your gut Traverse the surface on instinct Don’t be afraid to fall in the darkness I’ve got up […]

Growing List

Feeling the weight I carry it all day Not just the piling to do list Growing more than is done Finish one thing Two more take it’s place I have a want list That will never get accomplished  My desires pushed further away Prior commitments take my free time Pulled in a million directions I’m […]

My Karma

Fearful of Karma She looks to my past Weighs me against how I’ve grown Have I learned? Or does she need to give me another lesson Teach me life’s hard truths Scar me with another reminder Each cut getting deeper A man can go mad Questioning whether his debt is paid I will leave Karma […]