Put Together

A broken me Shattered mind Body abused and rotten No sense of value Disregarded the worth of time Compass was spinning No direction set World was upside down I was unhappy with me Decided to change what made me unhappy It seemed like a long time Pieced together my mind Stopped the rot and cleaned […]

Forward Progress

I’m reminded of bitter days They have not left Pay them no mind Swallow my doubt I placate my fears Stoke my dreams Time draws nearer I remember that we aren’t eternal Our moments should be grand Gestures over the top Mark our time here Let the stars admire us Evolution is predicated on breaking […]

Outside Time

Alone I have peace The world shut out The breathe of the mountains, raising as fog  Tree whispers carried in the wind Disconnecting from a wireless world Connecting to earth Close my eyes Simpler times The birds flying over Can hear the snapping of their wings I return to my youth Laying on the ground […]

Long Ride

Carried far from home Hands harden from work Mind is tried from thinking Body aches from over use Feet are grateful to be sitting down Enjoying a long ride home Fighting my heavy eyes Don’t want to miss my stop Tomorrow we do it all again Day #320 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All […]

Stark World

Cold handshakes No warmth in smiles The eyes look away No interest in who you are In and out The world operates as a machine Cold and mechanical The more educated the more calculating Compassion can’t find a place in this world Leave the stark cold world to the machines Be warm More humans is […]

I will be

You will  be what you never imagined Those whispers They echo when I wake up I hear them in the back of my mind They resonate through my day The words orbit my mind My value greater than what I can conceive Not an overnight accomplishment The years will show on my face It will […]

Burying Family

I was asked to drop my rifle Leave it on the field Told the take off my cover No need for it They removed my rank Stripped me of my name tapes Asked me to take off my ribbons These decorations can’t be taken All they said would remain was my dog tags They would […]


There will be peace Once it is done Purpose drives a man Work only aims to keep him busy A man with purpose can change his world Or the whole world A man with work stays busy until death comes To often we forget Life is for living The work can wait It will be […]