Listen To This

This must be said Unfuck yourself Do it quick, fast and in a hurry The world won’t wait for you Time won’t pause for you Get it together and keep it moving Death is the only thing owed to us Make sure to earn the rest that life has to offer Most of all, Love […]

Just Don’t

  Don’t let me down I tell myself Don’t give up I remind myself Don’t forget to love I think to myself Don’t let the world break me I remember all that have tried Don’t let my little ones see me not get back up I have two worlds that look up to me Don’t […]

The First Step

Walked for miles My feet hurt Shoulders ache Shins burns Breathing heavily Heartbeat is all over the place I raise my head to look forward There is nothing for me on the ground My path lies in front of me I will get there Even if it takes one step at a time I will […]

Where I Stand

The wind carries me It has taken me many places Further than my mind has imagined Seen sunsets that burn like wildfires Breathed air so fresh I felt like a god I’ve felt the mist of the early morning Refreshing my soul Got to see all the stars in my galaxy Ever seen so many […]

Drenched And Forgotten

I know you saw me that day I was standing outside the restaurant As you talked to your friend It was raining and I was drenched You looked over You saw me Stared at me for a couple of seconds Your face said it all Then you looked away Back to your dinner and friend […]


Play that back Rewind it in my mind Go over the same incident Slow it down Play it frame by frame When did it go wrong Where was the moment of failure Dissecting the mistakes in our lives Consumes us It drags down the present It corrupts the future Better to take the lesson learned […]

The Reason For Doubt

The bear listened to the crow As the crow told the story of time It recounted the birth of the stars The creation of the sky, land and sea How the creatures came to be The bear shared what he had learned with the rest of the forest On the first full moon the crow […]


I snapped again The reason eludes me Or does it What is my fear Why can’t I vocalize it There is more to it Uncertain of what tomorrow holds Desperate for a glimpse of my future I should apologize My fears aren’t their fault Uncertainty is not something that they control My future is not […]