Could Be The Last

Tell me before I go Don’t wait till I walk out the door I might not return You might not get another chance Who’s to say this won’t be our last time Last smile to each other Last moment we share in the same space Last minute your scent is in the air Last sound […]

Small Excitements

Excitement shakes me The ground uneven Yet the horizon is clear Doubt always fills my mind But today I don’t care Tomorrow I might But today I don’t Oh the little things They tend to move us More so than grand events It’s the little things That I’ve grown to love the most Day #314 […]

Lost In Thought

I get lost looking off into space Reliving things that can’t be changed Playing “what if” with the past I fail to see the present in front of me All due to the fear of making another mistake They have a way of haunting us They cripple us and handicap our decisions The harder I […]

Who’s Off

Weird feeling I’m off Can I restart the day Go back to bed Try again tomorrow I’m off My life’s a mess So many things to do No time to do it all Where to start Someone help me I’m off Can’t think Something’s missing No words to describe what No idea what it is […]

Wondering Paradise

On the bus to work Out the window the sun rises   The sky doesn’t have the same colors The suns burns different over the mountains It glistens off the Pacific’s warm waters   I remember waking up on the beach With the city at our backs The world felt miles away Our own paradise […]

Never Before

On nights so cold air freezes The ghost of our mistakes walk Finding no comfortable Alone in the harsh No warmth It calls this home Not looking for redemption Soaking in the hate That makes men make mistakes Slowly chipping away at the good in us It will not leave us alone Always present on […]

Road Home

Oh weary traveler Long have you journeyed Far from your home Time has not been kind The distance has not severed your ties Still you ache for home Not knowing when you will return Home a feeling so familiar Where your body is at peace You feel free as a bird A bird you can’t […]

Old Friends

My friends have moved on We grew up Our loves took different paths Looking back Miss those youthful days No obligations but living All the risks we took Staying up till the sun rose The memories made Till death we will carry them I appreciate where life has taken me It has brought me to […]

Do Over

Change everything Throw out the plan Draft a new one It was all for shit Have to start over Onward to see what mistake I make next I’m sure I will have to start again The key word is “I will” Won’t stop till I get it right I guess Nintendo was right Sometimes you […]