Sky Watching

On the bench Looking out wistfully Watching the sunset over the buildings The winter sunset burns the best My lungs feeling the bite of the cold air Patiently waiting for the urge to leave I can’t bring myself to do that Not till sun hides among the stars And I watch fire get put out […]

Scared To Triumph

Excelling at things I don’t love That’s comes easy No fear for the failure that doesn’t matter No skin in the game to care My dreams A different story Hold them close Want them to be prefect Their very best Before presented to the world Polished so everyone can admire them Dreading the rejection to […]

No Gifts

I man sits on a bench Eating a sandwich In front of a store He watches as families enter The kids leave happy Their parents please at themselves This repeats as he eats He finishes A man and his daughter stop They are window shopping The girl asks to go in With a tried face […]

35 Stories Above

  From here the city looks different I look straight out onto rooftops Gaps between the buildings I know all to well the noise below The clouds move slowly here Its stranger to see no horizon A wall of buildings all around There are no birds up here No trees exist here They were replaced […]

Among The Trees

Not the smartest in the room Don’t know what I don’t know A clueless fool at the bottom Asking questions others already know Feeling infinitesimal in a room of big ideas A seedling among Redwoods Looking to grown Nourishing off the knowledge Uncertain if I belong Unaware of this fact Everyone starts as a seedling […]

Kiss Them

I was once a bad man Did everything selfishly If I lied, I lied I cheated when I was bored Took advantage I would drain the goodness out of people Leave them as empty as I I was not a very good man at one time I did these things while I was with someone […]