Morning After

Remember laying behind your naked body Your ass backed up against my hips The smell of your floral shampoo In the morning You’re gone Left spooning a pillow Naked and confused Where did you go? Looking around Listening for any sounds in an empty apartment No body in the bathroom Kitchen and living room are […]

Good Intentions

I promise I promise Constantly repeated No value detected Full of hopefully delight As much truth as saying “I Love” to a virgin Only to get in their pants That love was never real Don’t dare argue Why promise at all Never meant to honor those words Kept less than half the promises Better off […]

Working Holiday

Sirens down below Blaring AC exhaust above me Glass window showing the world Trapped in glass Hoping for the occasional passerby Not a soul on this floor Alone and working Workplace loneliness for the holidays Just typing away at a keyboard Writing this instead of work Better things for any artist to do More constructive […]


My mind is matted hair Emotions a coiled spring Bloods flows through clinched fist Surge of energy gritting my teeth Skins heats up from the boil Sweat runs down Hair feels every blow A tremble raises slowly Filling my body inward All my universe’s power Used not for action But to keep from breaking someone’s […]

At It Again

Wrote down something It didn’t take Distracted minds touch no pen Pages are a barren land As clean as untouched snow A million thoughts Mind racing at lighting pace Can’t make a single one out No clue how to slow it down Just a speeding train Me on the platform Waiting to jump on To […]

Crowded Loneliness

The hugs from strangers Love from family Handshakes and slaps on the back Tis the season of attention People smiling everywhere Once lost friends, now found again The attention feels like I’m drowning Not to be rude Smile and return the well wishes The loneliness ever present Within all the noise I feel voiceless and […]

Bleeding Mask

Never knew this terrible truth We stick with false identities A moral facade of what is accepted The whispers in the unseen parts of our mind They speak to what we want They are who we really are To afraid to show the world this face What will the public think? What will they say? […]

Edge Of Love

The canyon floor below Our feet are at the edge Toes hanging in the air We stare down the abyss The beauty of the desert With the ugliness of our hearts Two radically different worlds Destined to meet If not for my cowardness I stepped away from the ledge Leaving you there to take the […]

Tearing Skin

Itches so bad Moving around like ants The slightest touch burns Can’t stop scratching Rubbing my face Feeling skins flakes fall off Clawing with my fingertips Slowly pressing with my nails Feeling the skin underneath Want to rip it off I want to feel the tear Clench my fingernails tight The skins pulling back Blood […]

Sitting There

A kid sits Quietly to himself Looking at the ground A sadness is felt Their body language tells it all They are crying With something in their hand Their favorite toy perhaps That they broken Maybe something of their parents Could it be they are doing bad in school Or a leash And their pet […]