Sail Freely

Rooting for yourself Above all the noise They fight to anchor you You sail past the rough seas Don’t let a storm take you off course It was sent to test your skills Welcome the eye of the storm Where you are tested and proven Hold the horizon in front of you and the land […]


I care less of what is said What opinions there might be Who thinks I aim to please Or who hates me for not kissing their ass I care less of what people want me to do to be liked Why should others hold my attention When I hold no value in their eyes I […]

Time Wasted

  Minutes pass aimlessly lost on a screen Hours pass watching numbing programming Days pass putting work off for another day Weeks pass and we keep saying we’ll start it next week Months pass and we blame the holidays for lack of time Years pass and work and family are the excuse Then death approaches […]

Cold Sunshine

Nature has elements that we must endure Life has pains we must overcome Society has humanity we must abandoned The latter worries more about  appearance Appear to be good rather than being good Empathize only so that they can gain sympathy Truth and fact are not as important as perspective Humanity first only if it […]