What The Future Brings

Excited as ever The storm approaches I’m ready Visibility is fading Its winds covering the mountains Not sure what lives behind it’s white walls I stand ever ready The air stiffens to the cold My blood boiling for a fight I’ve been beaten and broken Still I stand The storms approaches I clench my hand […]

A First Beat

That one song It freezes you The guitar strums You hear her cries They resonate in your soul You breathing freezes The world is void of all sound All but this song The present fades Transported to a moment in time When this song meant the world Your skin chills The air raises your goosebumps […]

I write

To get away Live in my own world To know what lies outside the window To see if I can make anyone feel what I do So you could cry like I did that day? To inspire hope Give my perspective To share my past For my kids For my wife For my ghosts On […]

Bird’s View

A crow sits on the ledge of my bedroom window Pecking at the glass My heavy eyes open It tilts its head Looking at me It doesn’t move I close my eyes Again it pecks to get my attention My eyes open again It stares tilting it head from side to side What does it […]

Chained To Time

We schedule our lives Pen people into our calendars Squeeze in appointments Checking our watch Paranoid as the white rabbit No Time No Time Always on the run Don’t Stop Don’t Stop Today is my birthday Because my calendar told me so Reminder pops up Time to eat We can’t pull away from our schedule […]

Happy To Fail

We are happy in success Depressed in failure Trained to think that these things are different That they are polar opposite That’s not true There is no success without failure Failure isn’t a by product of success It’s a step on our road to success Don’t get depressed when we fail Look at failure constructively […]

Don’t Tire

Running on dreams Sometimes we tire Just keep moving those legs The hope is that the dream will arrival before you can’t move Our sense of regret, if we give up, will stoke our fire Just keep those legs moving You will come steps closer Than those who never started their run Try and do […]

Injured Inside

Injuries can change people Not all are carried on the surface Some are rotting away at your core These are the ones you tend to hide As not to show the world you are broken As not to show the world you are damaged Trying not  to show the world you are hurting Those deep […]

Nothing Written

A fog clouded my mind Empty were my thoughts Nothing came to me Words were meaningless None made sense I started to type Only to stop and delete Drawing a blank The page stared at me While the cursor blinked Nothing moved Time passed I wrote nothing Stared at emptiness I stepped away Needed a […]

Thought Free

Labels are placed And labels we stay Fitting the boxes that are told to check We believe we are breaking norms Yet we are conforming as expected No stand outs among the crowd We follow the mass plan Never deviate from the labels Our perceived defiance is actually predicted possibilities The only surprise is how […]