Get It Together

Not enough hours in my day Get my shit together Wash my face Brush my teeth Quickly dressed Shoes are ready Making shitty coffee Getting all my stuff ready to go Grab my wallet, keys, phone and shitty coffee Out the door Driving to my first class Changing how my world works Learning to grow […]

Right Mood

Not happy all the time But we aren’t suppose to be Lost in foggy thoughts Unclear what I see To worried to concentrate Worried of where I should be Hearing the noise around me Not able to distinguish what’s being said I feel off today Maybe I don’t work today Lay on a couch eat […]

A Place

Find a place in your mind Where it’s quiet Neither doubt nor negativity live here Where “what if” is quickly pushed aside Fears are acknowledged but ignored Second guessing is not allowed A place where you can workout plans No debates on whether you will succeed or fail Not a fantasy world where everything is […]

Wild Board

Out of thoughts Laying on the ground deflated The clouds moving ever so slowly Finding it hard to breathe through my nose My hand tracing my face Trying to find the source of my pain My face delicate to the slightest of touch Blood slowly making it way to my eye I can feel it […]

Holding On

I’m holding on too long Afraid if I let go the memory fades I will forget who you are I won’t remember what to do I don’t know how much longer I can hold on Hands are getting tried I feel you struggling for me to let go I don’t want to let go Yet […]

In Service

I found happiness in helping others This bitter world Is filled with doubt and hate Fear and entitlement Heads on a swivel not knowing where the next threat will come from I kept everyone at two arm lengths away What changed I hit rock bottom Only from here can you see what’s truly wrong Our […]

We Never Knew

Ever wonder why it didn’t last This question has never bothered me Today I saw a mirror image of you But I knew from their walk, she wasn’t I wondered, why didn’t it work? Was I too demanding? Maybe not enough for you Did you give more? Or did I take too much from you? […]

Stepped Outside

Pushed my chair back Out the door I walked Into the world What has changed Have I missed anything Went out into the world Learned that the world had worsen That people care less about people And love their screens I felt sadness I felt desperate Few care Care enough to act Today the world […]