Cold Echoes

Only my echoes are heard In this darkness I see nothing Feel nothing Uncertain of what surrounds me My echoes continue to carry No response can be heard Not an ounce of light A blindness surrounds me Alone in complete darkness A coldness is felt in my echoes Falling on death ears nothing to listen […]

Justin Time

When I read it I did a double take Why are they posting about you Maybe I read it too quickly I read it again It was you Was it true? Then my feeds updates And more people are posting about you I ask what happen Heart attack they say A year older than me […]

Ground On Fire

Scorched red ambers flying Heat can be heard as yells and rumbles The air heavy and dense Smoke embraces the space around it Grey clouds can be seen among the fire The smell heavy on the tongue My skin drying out No sweat drips from my face By body is warming The world around me […]

Troubled Times

The past tells us our errors The present allows us to playback our mistakes The future gives us an opportunity to fix them Holding on chains us Constantly reliving them imprisons us Never moving on poisons our future Let go of the past Live in the moment The future will become the present in a […]

Raindrop Hang On

The raindrop hangs at the edge of the tin roof Struggling to hang on The wind trying to knock it off The drops around it are flying off, some even jumping off Still it hangs on The world around it falling to the ground Still it hangs on High above more drops fall some missing […]

Startled In My Sleep  

I wake up in the middle of the night I still see the shadows Feel the sun burning me alive The smoke rising from the barrel The smell of rounds down range So familiar of a smell that I can taste it I look around in bed and realize where I am Am I broke or […]

Still I Do

I fail more than I succeed Still I get up I hurt more than I let on Still I move on I regret so many mistakes Still I keep trying I’ve had dreams shattered by life Still I keep dreaming I cry in private more than I care to admit Still face the world with […]

We Mend

Broken into pieces Shattered into dust A ghost shell of our former We don’t stand the same today A thousand years feels like it’s past We blink and we’ve missed the present Left to piece ours together Using pain as our adhesive Making sure the lessons stick Ask where the young cheerful child went Life […]

A Dark Drink

I drink my darkness Drown it, till it sinks to the bottom of the glass I smell it burning Pressing my lips against the glass I shot my darkness away deep down inside of me Consumed by me Absorbed by my body It now lives in me This darkness that I wanted to get rid […]

No Hiding

I don’t want to share It could be used to hurt me I hide behind a name A creation to protect me How easy is it to be someone else Will this keep me safe With this pass blame to someone else Am I a coward for not being me Choosing a false face A […]