Writing Time

Lock the door Cut all communications Oblivious to the outside world Not even family can reach me No social media Phone is powered down All distractions have been killed off I open a book Grab my favorite pen Now I create my own world I write what I want to read Talk to myself for […]

Feeling Good

To feel good again That’s all I want to do To feel good again What wouldn’t I do To feel good again I would lie to myself about what happened To feel good again I would choose my reality by ignoring the truth To feel good again I would define logic and submit to disillusion […]

Pushed To Leap

Weird universe I live in It steers me towards my fears Guides me to the edge It leads me to jump Always aware that I’m not alone Knowing that many have done this before A fear consumes me throughout the fall Uncertain if I will soar or crash Not until the last moment will I […]

Need An Example

Responding to a cruel world Not easy to hold my tongue A piece of my mind I want to share My complaints I want air This world is ready for a verbal scolding So much bitterness No helping hands Turning it’s back on one another Everyone vying for the prize of which cultural group has […]

Solitary Confinement

Bitter are my words Always feeling enraged Storming in and out of emotions No reason to hold them in Yet I question why have them Letting others get to me Ruin my calm and posion my stream Thoughts get polluted Undesirable thoughts come one after the another Trying to avoid them, but they come like […]