Foolish we are for trying Who are we to change the world Trying to make a better place for those who don’t welcome change We are racing into a hurricane that is pushing us out Still we try and can’t stop ourselves It’s not because they are undeserving of our efforts We don’t do it […]

Talking To Walls

Why even bother Nothing can change their mind As they say… I can’t be swayed to believe what others say I live and die by my believes Wrong or right they are mine With a fist in defiance to sanity Not logic nor common sense None of it will my mind change I refuse to […]

Action Required

Start with an idea Dream of it’s potential Daydream of it’s success Imagine what reality would be Greatness is a certainty My future will be great Spaced out on a self-deception Nothing happens by dreaming Only disappointment Work is required for your dreams to be your reality So, don’t bother to dream if you aren’t […]

Past Relationship

The moments of our time Existed once in the past No remnants of us speak in the present As if we never were We never knew each other Strangely enough we really didn’t Both showing the best of ourselves With hopes that we would accept what was to come Now years have past since our […]

Back To It

A much needed break Reset and refocus my life Taking a step back from a my chaotic world Taking stock of what works and what doesn’t Who and what are my liabilities Take in the full scope of my life Break it down to what truly matters Who or what I can’t live without Building […]

No More Thoughts

Always in my head It’s crowded in there So many doubts, questions and fears Creating problems that don’t exist Constantly wasting time the more I think Preparing for anything is a monumental task Overthinking has become part of my mental workflow Reliving the past to see how it could’ve been different Still nothing can change […]

Wild Inclination

Expectations never fail to discourage Shortcomings are an all to common virtue The pedestal of greatness often has the wrong idol upon it We are told that lies are virturous traits Laws are said to be morally correct because they are righteous No reason to question the established Only the rebellious unappreciative question what’s is […]

I Lost

I lost  What did I lose  I lost years to fear  To the fear of being too scared to try Too scared to act  To act on my dreams  To dream so big it couldn’t be denied  To deny myself my only desire The desire to take a chance Lost my youth to this fear  Gave […]

Any Day

Don’t ask me today I won’t know how to answer Unsure of what to say Distracted by the daily haze My minds wrapped up in its own problems Can’t deal with everything that’s happening Uncertain of what I want today, let alone tomorrow Almost hoping tomorrow doesn’t happen No idea what I’m doing I have […]

A November Mist

The early morning mist immerses me in it’s arms The cold air touches my face  Not enough to freeze me in my tracks  But enough to let me know that winter is only moments away With coffee in hand I brace the cold The valley has disappeared from my back yard Only a white fluffy […]