One State, Two Countries

A city boy in the country A whole different world completely The air and openness incredibly refreshing Dare I say invigorating The city streets are crowded with the smothering feeling of smog Incredible to think we can breathe this and believe it’s okay Only the sound of nature and occasional car passing exist So far […]

False Take

I sit wondering Reliving what I did wrong Slowing down the moment to see where it came crashing down Trying to find that exact instance which changed the course of events Maybe it was something I said Or how it was said that caused this rift Playing back the same moment over and over again […]

Smallest Signs

The most insignificant moments can create the biggest actions An ember can ignite a forrest fire destroying all in its path An idea, no matter how small can change the world and impact the stars To often we look for signs And disregard the minuscule Every great storm has started with a single drop In […]

Self Imposed

Not easy to face the things that are happening to you Sometimes darkness envelops your world I want to see daylight, I want to see the sun It’s blotted out to me Don’t see any colors, just pitch black No direction to go in Can’t tell if my eyes are open or closed The darkness […]

Next one is coming…

What storm is next It’s all too quiet I’m not being negative I just know life all to well The winds have hushed The air has changed My skin can feel the difference I stand outside looking around Trying to predict where it’s coming from The hairs on the back of my neck stand The […]

Busy Bee

Busy busy today  Busy bee I am Not minding the social apps  Instead minding the business  My business and problems  I have things more important to do  Taking some time to breathe and look up  Time to be inspired and workout problems Today I look past the bullshit  Just working on my plans  I will act and […]

Feeding Fire

Sometimes a simple word An act that inspires  A motivational quote  It ignites what was pleading to be on fire Sets you off on a mission Clears the brush to show your path  Its your discipline  The grit inside of you  A determination to no longer eat shit Whatever you want to call it Fan […]

No Hesitation

In my youth I did without thinking In old age I overthink and never do What was lost, was time Decades ago I had the time to make mistake As my story starts to set, I have less time for mistakes Younger I lived and gained scars Now look back at my scars, reliving them […]

Mine To Win

I’m not holding back Feel the tension build I’m getting anxious The pressure is growing The feeling a runner gets before the pistol is fried As I look at what’s ahead I know what to expect Prepared for the unexpected Now a calm has taken over No matter what happens I will win This moment […]

Running In The Rain

I miss the rain In my youth I would run out At the first sound of thunder Letting the droplets crash against me I felt a great relief and calm It would take with it all my problems and worries Let them roll off me as the rain did My mother yelling to get back […]