Chess Piece

I was always meant to fail Never expected to succeed A flawed process Engineered to work that way With the purpose of having me questions myself Creating doubt about my convictions Putting all that you have learned into question It should have worked I did everything right, and it still failed What am I doing […]

Lead Astray

For no reason do we fight We argue off false facts Driven by clickbate headlines Whispers turn into hollow roars With no truth behind the aggression All opinions of fools who believe they know best Their personal lives a complete mess Yet they alone should be listened too Even sheep know better than that How […]

Free Time

Don’t stress what will pass Everything ends at some point Even the Gods were replaced by one A star in the sky shines, though its already extinguished The sun might be setting here But it has already set somewhere else Time is a constraint placed on us by ourselves Something tangible to hold and track […]

A Day Earned

No feeling like that of getting some rest¬† Physical endurance tested Strained to a painful point Weary mind beaten from overthinking In need of a shower, my bed and a drink In no particular order All this mentioned A satisfaction exist The satisfaction that you can still put in a days work You can still […]

Negative Noise

Distracted by noise Everyone’s opinion about me It digs in and bites down Leaving it’s mark on my mind Scars that I can’t shake A constant reminder of my shortcomings Failures that I’m forced to re-examine Had me doubting my process and myself Accusing myself of not being good enough All because others have made […]

Smoking and Waiting

The man stood leaning Hands in pockets to keep warm Cigarette in his mouth He smoked his cigarette without using his hands Impressive by any standard Stood far away from the crowd To not bother them with his smoke The bus came and everyone got on but him Once his cigarette finished, he would put […]

Late Night Fortune

Never thought of it Gave it no time Worried about other priorities Lost in work Accomplishing everything others needed me too Forgetting the whole time I had my own things I wanted to do Still I press forward for the sake of doing good for others And making excuses, forsaking myself Too tired Not ready […]

Distracted Mind

I think better on my feet Helps me rise to the occasion The blood flows up to push the stupid down Clear headed and recharged My mind thinks through my dilemas Interesting how hard the mind works I like to pace too Back and forth I walk My mind talking to itself Bouncing ideas back […]

Why I Stopped

I know why I started now But remembered that I once stopped Ages ago when I was a kid All I did was write Some of that shit was good Most of it was trash I think I even wrote a rap Thinking back I stopped but why Fear of rejection Putting yourself out there […]

Unlike Everyone

I’ve been called weird Looked at with despicable eyes Scrunched faces at the sight of me Discouraging words yelled at me Beaten at every step Doubt always filled my thoughts Second guessed my decisions Uncertain if what was said is true Never felt that I belonged to this tribe I don’t believe in their God […]