Quick Thought

Tried from this day Spending too much time working Not enough creating A man who works longs hours Has little time to work on his life Whatever time you have, use it on yourself Time is a precious commodity spend it on things that matter Day #203 SJD Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights […]

What Noise?

My world is full of noise Distractions that keep me from moving forward We feed into the noise Try to make sense of it We let it draw us away from our goals It’s spins us around Not knowing which way to go It fogs our sense of direction Striking at our core emotions Ripping […]

Try Again

Am I trying Really trying Or just doing enough to think I’ve tried Enough to pat myself on the back To convince myself I chasing my dream To feel better about myself Only to lie to myself This isn’t effort I’m putting forth I’m not doing enough I’m settling for comfort For security Safest I’ve […]

This Is Seasonal

Suffering today My body not liking this feeling Couldn’t breathe Eyes sting from the tears Nose raw and no tissue is soft enough Can’t wait for this feeling to be over I hate allergies From how they make me feel Allergies must hate me too If I could take my face off I would I […]

Bitter Reflection

Standing in front of the mirror Staring at a man who stared down a good life Who walked out on everything A man who’s childish errors still haunt him A shell of a man Empty inside from bad choices The cost of his mistake demanding a high toll The price, years of his life His […]

Mostly Confused

Have no clue in life Just taking my shots With the hope, that I hit my mark I don’t have any answers Whatever I thought I knew, was wrong Don’t look at me for direction My compass is broken I follow the sun in the day And the moon at night Still better than standing still […]

Moving Past

I curse a lot Speak my mind The truth is brutal Lies are sugar-coated I have neither the time Nor the inclination to lie to you Not here to make you feel better Not here for you at all Your time has past Irrelevant are your words I move for action Quickly I move past […]

Dark Corner

Dark long hallway A streak of light breaks through the ceiling At the other end darkness I look deep into the darkness I can’t make out anything out Nothing but black Emptiness lies in the darkness The light can’t reach I inch closer Not to the light But to the darkness In the emptiness, something […]

Off My Chest

Don’t know Don’t know anymore What to say How to express my rage My discontent with the world Every way will be criticized Overtly sensitive people judge like a pious priest Their sin’s forgotten for they are woke How easily they forget their wrongs Instead, they look to crucify you Can’t they see We both […]

We The Hunted

Hunted are we Running to hide Hearts on the verge of bursting out of our chest The thrill of the hunt a terrorizing emotion for the hunted Not knowing if it’s okay to slow down The pounding on the ground A burning sensation spread through my legs Not sure how long I’ve been running Can’t slow […]