Self Inflicted

I’m dying inside  Dying from my inability to create Create my ideas, my passions, my dreams  Make them reality  Working on others’ dreams  Shelving my future Not bitter but rather feel my soul rotting  Ideas rotting from just sitting out in the open  No efforts to bring them into existence  Aborted before even being given […]

Discipline Stands

Motivation fades It abandons you in adversity In the toughest moments Motivation is nowhere to be found It makes you feel good But only in the beginning In the middle of the struggle Motivation becomes a ghost What remains is discipline It stays with us in defeat and success On the verge of giving up […]

A Different Path

I once walked on a road that was crowded Everyone was going to the same place They all wanted the same things All thought the same way More and more people would everyday The more that joined, the more I felt uneasy I couldn’t breathe, as they sucked the air out of life Soon I […]

Cloud of Doubt

Rambling to be heard Words put together to garnish attention No rhythm or reason for the writing Just filling empty pages with empty words Thoughtless sentences and meaningless paragraphs The pages just shells with no substance The words just letters on a piece of paper Who would want to listen To mindless nonsense of a […]

Puzzle People

Tortured souls belong to broken people Too often troubled by their past Holding onto ghosts as if for dear life Reliving painful moments Instead of letting go Chained to the same path Unable to break free No way around what haunts us Wearing fake smiles to fool the public Trying to ignore what bothers us, […]

Failing Again

We settle out of fear Fear that we won’t make it That our goals are too unattainable That this might be the best it gets Dreading to try, for I might fail The path I have chosen is safe It’s simple and uncomplicated The sad truth that it’s not me That life was never meant for me […]

Much Needed

Today I failed Not for the lack of effort Or lack of trying Because it’s part of the process Nothing I did helped But it wasn’t supposed too I hadn’t learned what I needed to know about this part of life It wasn’t clear until I failed what I was missing Today I failed Not […]

What’s True

The truth is not bitter It’s just the truth The only bitter part is how it tastes to us Our senses are dull from high expectations And when reality destroys those expectations The truth appears bitter It’s only our perception The truth is not brutal The only brutal part is how sensitive we’ve become We perceive […]

Who’s Free

What good are we If we aren’t free Constrained to these rules Arbitrary rules created long before we were born Made by people who served their own interest So why follow such rules When those who created them didn’t Rules that were meant to incarcerate me with imaginary chains My life no longer my own […]

This Place

Far away lies a place Unlike where I live This place is surrounded by tree-lined valleys On a cool early morning, the fog swallows up the trees It feels like walking through a cloud This place is quiet In the distance, you can hear the river The silence is broken only by the sounds of […]