Hidden City

Out the window An overcrowded city Unhappy and bitter people I stare I ask What makes them dejected Is it the city Or maybe their lives They will never tell fake smiles to show the world Hide behind the smile Show the world nothing People watch long enough They will show you their true face […]

Write Nothing

Can’t think of anything Started typing but deleted Didn’t give a chance for the letters to become words Tap, tap, fingertips hit the keys But nothing No words Or Sentences Nothing Exhaling poofs of air Scratching my head Even started biting my nails Bored and tired Can’t think of anything Nothing That’s it! I will […]

Hurry, Move

No time, no time Can’t wait Won’t slow down Catch up or fall back Moving forward Shooting first, aiming later No waiting for perfection Just get it done Adjust fire from there Please don’t stand in my way I will keep going Even after you hit the ground Can’t wait around Have no time to […]

In The Dark

Facing questions Creating doubt Losing focus Uncertain decisions Awkward positions Stumbling thoughts Rejected solutions Endless Doubt Increasing fear Holding on Emotional burden Embrace change Reject negativity Move forward Fuck doubt Success awaits Day #180 SJD Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.  

Spring Heat

In the darkness of my room Window open as the street below pours in The ceiling fan cooling off my attic apartment Laying in the bed Covers on the floor Just in my underwear Fighting the sleep At ease in this cool room With no one stirring about The coolness and silence will be broken Once […]

Time Thieves

Denied to us Hate is infectious Envy takes our time Jealous distracts from what matters Stubbornness robs us of knowledge Regrets steal the present Failure clouds the path to our success They all consume time Stolen time Steer clear Far away from thieves of time It’s to precious to be consumed by the worthless Day […]

Why Write

Write to be judged Write to be accepted Write to start a movement Write for the cause Write to be liked Write to grow your crowd Write so the world can read it Write for membership Write to make others happy None of these are the reasons I write If I don’t write the words […]


It tempts me to test boundaries To see people cringe at my proximity to their space Invading their bubble An uneasy feeling Imploding within themselves The mouth’s a gasp at this stranger They move away I move closer The mumbles of onlookers Disbelief, still no one says a thing My presence a plague to them I’m Latino we […]

Pacing Tonight

I walked all night Paced the kitchen Spoke softly Sang and even told stories Still, I kept walking Tried it all again And again To no avail Could not get you to sleep I washed your face Changed your diaper Picked you up After two steps you were out Sometimes it amazes me what puts […]

This City

Rusted and decrepit The city around me dies Abandoned building litter city blocks Far worse are the abandoned people Litter grows, as if it were an urban weed Dying trees suffocate from all the smog The sewers making it’s presence known through smell Alarms and yelling fill the air The occasional car blasting music passes […]