Words Felt

Spirits crumble Words dig-in like daggers The tongue a brutal weapon Source of many disappointments Tears resulting from sharp words Attacks on the constant On your toes stay fast Don’t allow the wretched in They will drag you down Smother your hope Usher in a dark depression Swat away all these attempts For they aim […]

Too Cluttered​

It will be fine Don’t fret It will discourage your success Stress complicates things Decompress your worries Accept you have no control It will lead to positive things Adapt to the problems If too rigid, you will break you Give enough not to snap Take enough not to crush you Don’t plan too much Because […]

A Path

Along the way We find defeat Fears that we never knew existed Disappointment becomes our friend Loneliness becomes our teacher Appreciate the this time It creates the future you The one that will changes their stars Every road ends If you keep moving, eventually you will reach your destination Or simply the end of the […]

Safety Net

I was a kind person once No place for that person in this world The world drained me of my kindness Left used and worn for the vultures Rather be unapproachable No smiles to encourage anyone to come closer Alone for a reason Left with only me to fight for Desensitized of humanity I have become […]


I feel drained The world requires so much Always asking for even more Emotionally drained from all the stress I have no idea what I will have left Almost running on empty Not sure how much more I can endure I need a break Some rest from the world The world that demands more than […]

Misty Drive

Clouds and fog merging Breaking through are the treetops A grey horizon Birds flying in and out the clouds Climbing to the top of the mountain The valley below utterly peaceful Untainted by the world around it Pull off the road onto a dirt path Brings me to the edge of a cliff Get out […]

Cold hands

Use to the cold Skin harden by the deep freeze Lungs sting with each deep breathe Sleet beating my face with shards Arctic temperatures destroying the body Bitter wind howling, piercing my ears skin Eyes burning from the bright snow Every fiber of hair feels the bite Bones ache with every movement Staring out to the […]


I can’t stand it The mess on the table It’s making me itch Imagine the microscopic germs Enjoying their environment Crumbs, dirt, and germs All holding hands Imagine them growing My skin is burning I need to scratch The idea of that mess Who would leave that I want to know WHO LEFT THAT I can’t […]

Failure Hurts

The hardest part of trying Is failing even after giving it all Your mind littered with doubt Why even try, if nothing  goes your way A common theme before people give up All too familiar negativity Quick to surrender and return to safer things When I was young I played this role Now I don’t […]


Kicking and screaming Nothing quietly for you Never giving in Not even to sleep Resist at all cost No matter how heavy the eyelids Cherish that ability Resilient to all my tricks Keep fighting it I won’t relent Eventually, my dear, you will fall Time conquers A bottle A story Bedtime Day #184 SJD Copyright […]