More Obedience

It’s impossible to know Always second guessing Uncertain of what is expected Growth and progress with no reason Change with no purpose Guidance with no leadership Failures with no opportunities to succeed No path to see how one can rise from their mistakes Leaders are hard to come by Often overlooked for not having the […]

Three Fingers

Your strongest whiskey Neat, three fingers no chaser With a fifty in hand, the bartender doesn’t hesitate He places it in front of me I reach for it and drop the cash Before the bartender can pick up the money I shoot the whiskey and pound the glass The bartender takes the cash, the glass and pours […]

Wrong Piece

I don’t fit in this space I’m the wrong piece Not part of this puzzle They want me to fit in There is no place here for me As much as they want me too I don’t belong here with them I’m not an alien to them I’m just not like them Or the way they […]

Reminded Today

I got a reminder today Reminded of what I don’t want to do in life I felt discouraged that I was here That I hadn’t left Made the leap Spat in fear’s face I’m the edge of the ocean but haven’t stepped in Just got my feet wet but haven’t jumped in It’s crazy to […]

Home Tonight

The day has ended I sit in the dark Listening to the sounds of the house It’s completely quiet Kids are asleep The dog is laying at the foot of the bed The day was chaotic as always Children demanding of my time The universe demanding of my sanity I’m finally resting Knowing that when […]

Isolated From You

I isolated myself from you Turned a blind eye to you No longer cared for you Your memories were dust I burned what I had left of you Didn’t bother to wipe the tears I was beyond mad at you Hurting you never crossed my mind til that night I couldn’t stand your presence All […]

Not My Crowd

Keep to myself Alienated from the social world Those who believe the party will never end Or maybe they are too afraid to think of the party ending When the lights come up and your world is revealed No longer able to hide the shortcomings in the darkness See everyone scatter all around Never making […]

I’m Off

I needed a drink today Unwinding for the that past week Trying not to think of the week ahead Still wondering what I’m doing Nowhere near where I want to be Even the direction I’m facing is off Clearing my mind to find where I need to be Setting a plan to help me find […]

Which Answer

There is no right answer Whatever the question The answer is always perspective based What one agrees the other condemns No right answer regardless of the question You won’t please everyone In pleasing others, you won’t be pleased with yourself No right answer to choose from Only the answer you can live with Choices that will […]

Elevator Man

I saw a man in the elevator today An older man who looked tired and pensive He worked for the building and he was massaging his hands I wondered what he was thinking He looked disappointed with his life Or maybe just having a bad day He looked as if he should’ve been enjoying his retirement […]