Do Not Disturb​


A little past noon and no phone calls. Strange feeling not getting any calls. Lucky I was able to get my edit out to the producers before my computer died. Apple has the worst chargers, they are always breaking. Luckily my girlfriend has a spare one at her place. I was going to get it but no need since I haven’t heard from anyone about any changes. Not even a confirmation e-mail. Still, no calls are better than calls of panic.

On the plus, I got to sleep in and get some rest. I managed to clean the apartment and now I’m bored. Maybe I will watch something on my Apple TV. Let’s see what on, but wait that’s funny, there are notifications blowing up my TV. What’s wrong with my phone, DO NOT DISTURB mode is on! Fuck my life. With a swipe of my finger a flood of messages, emails, missed calls and all kinds of social media notifications are coming in. Urgent changes needed! This goes live today, what! Aww someone asked me if I was okay or in the hospital, oh wait there is more to that message, because if not they will make sure I am.

I made the first call to the producer who won’t fire me and be somewhat nice. Probably because we slept together. She starts by saying “I will kill you later right now this is what we need,” I tell her I’m on it and hang up. Turn to my laptop but fuck its deads. Fuck my charger, wait Lilly has hers at her place. Get up and run for my keys. Bam!!! Slam face first, fucking carpet!! I’m bleeding, no time for first aid, I plug my nose with toilet paper. Grab my laptop and keys and I’m off. I’m about to run off down the hall, when I hear Lilly’s voice I walk back in. I forgot she slept over and was sleeping in the bedroom. Also she went home to get clothes and brought her charger. She gets the first aid I get the charger. While it boots up she can fix my fucked up face. Did I tell you I fucking hate do not disturb mode.

Day #161 SJD
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