Natural Music

Drip drop The raindrops fall on the tin roof The impact echoing throughout An orchestra of natures best The silence is broken by the thunder The percussion of the orchestra The occasional howling of the wind There is peace in a thunderstorm A familiar melody I will sit and enjoy the music until the end […]

No Wrong

Before the truth I choose to lie Not admit my mistake Blame those around me for failures Point the finger and wag it in shame Follow the mob as they assault Share the hate that is in the air I will not admit unless I’m caught And even then I will deny it No matter […]

Empty World

Busy streets with distracted people Empty promises followed by a cold handshake Lukewarm smiles to those you know Far less for those you don’t Scuffs from people who think you are moving to slow Stand still for a moment and you watch the world pass you Humans are weird animals Their interact more like reptiles Because […]


Just jump it’ll work Like the kid who got  stuck the tree he climbed His friends encouraging him to jump down On that edge scared out of my mind Options were I stay there till my parents came looking for you My friends run for help and they bring my parents Maybe I jump and […]

Small World

The world looks smaller through my eyes I see people as one race, rather than many nations In every language, I  find common words I kind smile looks the same in every country Warm braces are appreciated by all The pain of loss is shared by everyone human being Tears look the same on every […]

For Today

Scratching my head at today Let so many things lapse Things I should have gotten done Instead, they will remain unfinished for another day Yet today was not a loss I got to appreciate the little things Breakfast with my girls Driving around until we stumbled upon a town to explore Exploring together I got […]

The Question Of The Day

I ask myself a lot of questions My mind runs rampant in the mornings Questions with no answers I’ve plagued myself to find solutions To make sure I answered as many questions as I could To move forward when I had all the answers Strange that life doesn’t give answers from birth Even stranger that […]

Scared and Excited

It never gets old The feeling and thrill still gets me After all these years I still get as excited as if it were the first time Excitement and freight run through my veins Scared of the criticism and hoping for the praise Holding my breathe that the little mistake I know aren’t noticed Hoping […]

Do Not Disturb​

A little past noon and no phone calls. Strange feeling not getting any calls. Lucky I was able to get my edit out to the producers before my computer died. Apple has the worst chargers, they are always breaking. Luckily my girlfriend has a spare one at her place. I was going to get it […]

What Other’s Have

Can’t watch those around me Wonder why it wasn’t me Where’s my luck How did they get there before me I didn’t get that opportunity Stop being mad about others Where they landed and where they are I don’t know the work they put in I just know the work I didn’t All the times […]