What’s Left Of You

This pain continues I try to put it out of my mind An absence that can’t be filled This void will remain desolate Your memories a grateful burden I carry I dare not luck back to our time together I would be stuck reliving our past, never to return to the present The littlest moments […]

What Was That

A beat Then silence follows I look for the source but nothing I continue my day Then another beat, this time a pattern Where’s it coming from Step into the hallway but completely silent I look around, nothing Head back to my desk, there is it again! This time I chasing the source down I […]

Lost Thoughts

Long days followed by longer commutes Little sleep with insomnia setting in Less cheerful thoughts Time passes by quicker Moments are gone in the blink of an eye Never enough time for the things you want For the things you loathe time drags its feet Afraid this will be as far as I reach Sink […]

Why Did I Post

I want to post it But I’m hesitant This will create a huge response I’m not sure if it will be received as intended People will judge I know they will attack me The will defend their view before they even read my whole post I don’t know if I should post this anymore I […]

Open Spaces

I want open spaces Deserted country roads Tired of the loud music on the weekends blaring through my bedroom window Rude people feeling entitled that they should get first Blowing through stop signs because they are in a hurry I’d rather drive on deer fill roads Than crater-sized potholes that blowout my tires I want […]

Nothing To Write

No words No thoughts Ideas are numb Thoughts are clouded Read stories but no spark Music is unaspiring Notes confusing to understand Stare out the window A blank stare Distracted but the emptiness of my mind Forcing myself to think Urging myself to write Begging for creativity Nothing comes to me Out of ideas today […]

What’s So Great

I stare and watch The world around me is screwed People pretending to be homeless, as not to work While the actual homeless wish they could work Sex is celebrated over love Raping children gets you a full pension from the church Carrying a dime bag gets you a prison sentence Forever labeled a drug […]