Painful Rose

A rose adores the sun It bathes in the rain Let’s the wind kiss it’s naked body Open and free for the world to admire Thorns at the ready to defend itself Beauty to be shared in this world Along comes man and rips the rose from it’s home It dies slowly All so an […]

Holding Too Much

Questions with no answers Decisions with no choices Memories with no closure A heavy charge is carried The impact it will have, still left to be seen This load and its burden will be dropped A toll will be lifted and the past left behind Not every story ends with a happy ending In life, […]

No One Around

Don’t anger yourself Worrying about others, why Thinking they care for you Most don’t even know you exist Strange to think that anyone cares That anyone would feel for your struggle The world around you flying through its own course You try to stop and watch the world No one is going down your path […]

Giving Excuses

No words What do I ┬ásay Haven’t found what moves again Spending too much time in my head Arguing with myself Giving excuses One more day before I get back to it Or so I lie to myself Motivation is needed Fire without a spark How do I get it going again I have no […]


To be home Coming off the plane The mountains of my birth Sands of my people The smell of the ocean not far away Summer sun that bronzes my skin Living among those who I share my roots with To be home The food that lingers on your tongue A taste that can’t be replicated […]

Remind Myself

Writing still a challenge Sometimes I fight with doubt Choosing the right words What will be acceptable to people What will people think if I say this Keep telling myself to put it all down Write first Edit second Let it be pure and raw Ramble and get lost in my thoughts Don’t think how […]

One More

Staring at the empty glass My thirsty still not quenched Ask for another drink from the bartender Trying the pace my next drink I’m lost in my own thoughts Self-pity and depression my friends for the night I play with the glass in my hand that is all ice Another drink, I signal the bartender […]

Lesson Again

No one listens when you try to help Ask for advice only to dismiss it Always returning to ask why didn’t they listen Why does it take so much for people to learn The same lesson over and over again But all you can do is just be there Time and time again And when […]

At The Edge

I’m lost and at the edge No idea which direction to go Alone at this crossroad No wise elder to ask Voiceless in my head Lost at the edge Looking at my feet Where do we head No winds to push me All around me looks the same No clouds to tell me where the […]

Get Up

Eagerly waiting for success Foolishly thinking it will come to me That will be placed at my feet Childish dreams and crazy daydreams Fueled by the stuff you see on TV I can’t wait for it to come to me I need to attack it Rush after it Hunt it, like it would feed that […]