Where do I start The gnawing questions Not knowing where to begin Taking risks encourages confusion Invites question that submerge me in doubt Questions my mind can’t wrap itself around Regretting this decision Strongly resisting the depression that scratches away at my skin Shoulders sink, fuck now I can’t shake the feeling I fuck up […]

Strong and Stern

Her look could kill It could make you hang your head low in shame Never knew what she was thinking always so quiet She could stop you dead in your tracks just with her presence I’ve never felt greater disappointment than when getting her attention Few praises were given, but better no reaction She had […]

Worlds Upon Worlds

Surprise, the world awaits A voice to change minds Ideas to create empathy Compassion as the first emotion I’m a dreamer whose stories never stop A creator of worlds that flourish in my mind I will bring those worlds to fruition Will introduce this world to the worlds in my head An exchange of ideas […]

Uneventful Day

Time passes as wasted Not productive in any way Nothing to show for my existence today With no desire to change that status Doubting this choice I’ve made Could it be I was wrong Taking the easy path to catch my breath Needing a break from the rat race If I stood on the line […]


Cold are those who distrust They never take a chance on others Reluctant to believe if they didn’t see it Doubtful of words that didn’t come from their mouths Live so bitterly that they can’t imagine anyone not trying to take advantage of them Always waiting for the dagger to pierce their back What happened […]

One Way Or Another

It’s harder than I thought it would be I only planned for what I could think of Life thought of many more things than I did I won’t look at this fall as a defeat It’s a lesson I will take into the next round I’m not down nor am I out I’ve gotten back up […]

Time Is Bitter

Growing apart comes with time As we age we change No one stays the same person To do that would mean to grow bitter Time changes friends, lovers, and family Fills voids left by others departures Memories replaced with new moments Shared with new people Time changes us Some grow, some die but no stays […]

Small Victories

So much going on Few words can describe this feeling Appreciated for your work Being seen for your talent Few people will ever experience this They will never know what about this feeling A tiny success, strides towards the vision of your life With this one moment fear quickly fades Doubt becomes the past Small […]

Have It All

Continue to chase Accumulate the useless Feed our need to be fulfilled with obsolete things The newest toys for the coolest boys Upgrading for no reason Our mind trying to make sense of the senseless We fill our belly with food even when not hungry We fill our mortal bodies and homes with possessions that […]

New Breathe

Fire reclaimed Stoked by working on the future Doubts have left my mind Tired of all the second guessing Fear whispering to quit Conform to the world Surrender to failure These thoughts once echoed in my mind I’m not keeping those thoughts Not feeding that doubtful and fearful side I will embrace failure for it will […]