To Denisse

Passing through your life  Forgive my mistakes  Enjoy my jokes  May the tears be from joy and not pain  Hope to be a sail to move you forward through life  And an anchor when you need someone to hold you while the storm passes  Please tell me if I’ve failed you  Yell at me when […]

Who Said That

Closing the door  Crack of the lock latching  Alone in a tiny room, you stand  Accused of many things  Convicted of none No air in this room Just a stale taste  The heavy odor of bitterness  Your head hangs low  The walls are plain The windows too high to look out of  Slowly questioning why […]

To Be Good

Ever hear your conscious whisper  “It’s wrong don’t do that,” it says  What’s the purpose in listening  Nothing harmful can come from disobeying What is wrong with a little bad decision in life Perfect is boring  Scars are followed by good stories  Which I want to hear  Mistakes shared over drinks  To laughter instead of […]

No Returns

Roaming through life  As if shopping for an unknown person Not knowing what to get  Unable to distinguish between what I want and need  Uncertainty with everything that comes across my path  Does this fit well or not at all  Always defaulting to one question  Will this make me happy  Fill the void with stuff In […]

Great Story

Ever heard a story that makes you forget the world For a second, a minute and hours you forget this world You are thrown into the life of others Humanity at it’s best, you care for people you may never meet Your worries fade and you embrace the journey Your heart rises and falls with the […]

Feeling Much

Grinding teeth Steaming breath Burning eyes Piercing stare Clenching fist Trembling feet Growing impatience Urging restraint Practicing calmness Releasing rage Unclenching fist Embracing peace Day #81 SJD Copyright © 2018 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved        

Two Shots Fired (Part I)

Walk into a pub No one notices that I’m there Make my way to bar quietly People having their own conversations Friends making memories I finally reach the packed bar and wait patiently for my turn I’m in no hurry to get my drink Just there meet friends that I haven’t seen in a lifetime […]

Far Behind

I compare myself Where in life I stood Where do my peers are ranked Their status in life and work Imagined success correlated to wealth I’ve stumbled more times than succeeded I cried more times than I care to admit I’ve second guess those cushy jobs that I pasted up Doubted even what I knew […]

Verbal Repression

We ache to speak Needing our voice to be heard Our minds wanting to be vocalized Too often we are silenced The worst is when the oppressor is us We censor ourselves instead of setting us free Don’t listen to the crowds who try to control our voice We second-guess what we say In doubting […]

Not Here

I’m not inspired No passion or desire for what I do Not here, where I can’t wait to leave It could be worse, could have no job Still not happy, not driven or any shits given Worse jobs I’ve had and still haven’t felt this bad I dread the commute to work I want to […]