Time is Master

Time imprisons us all A construct to control Something that money can’t buy It’s always lost and never found  We use time to measure a person existence  Do they waste time?  Are they good with managing time? Leaders are determined by this measure  It puts a limit on our days Limits the span of our lifetime  Time steals […]

Troubled Waters

Troubled minds in troubled times make for reckless waters The poor decisions that are made and more problems are created Don’t ignore the building of pain and just push it aside The growth of that pain might be out of sight and mind But it does not need eyes to grow A point will be […]

Rainy Day Tears

I love the rain  It’s a cleansing experience to stand in Let go of your worries as they drip off your body  The water cooling you off from the day Forgetting that this world can be cruel The raindrops peck at your face  It’s a celebration and a cleansing  The negative leaving  Bad thoughts passed off […]

Enamored With Story

I sat sadly at my computer Not because I could not write anything Instead, because I could not stop writing  The story poured out of me I didn’t know the next letter or word Like a reader, I watch the screen as the words appeared  Reading them for the first time My writing mind and […]

Almost Done

I tried and was beaten today So close to being done and all set Then I got greedy and added something not needed Now I’m back at square one All of today’s hard work lost Tomorrow I start back from one The frustration of having come close to being done So close to touching the […]

Where Did The Work Go

Little do we know how much we can take People would rather surrender than push through Pain is not welcomed, it’s feared It’s in pain that we grow and learn All abandon the plan if they don’t see results right away Lacking the determination to see till the end Many of would rather talk about […]

State of Affairs

Disregard the words of others The idea that what society approves it correct That what laws allow is humane No ideology is perfect and therefore worth questioning Those who dream of perfection are flawed We chase the bars set by others, who were never shackled Follow rules that never made sense, not even when they […]

Marathon Of Life

Running on tired A seemingly endless race with no end in sight No idea if it will bring a prize Never stopping to question why I continue to run Will this ultimately benefit me Could be running this race till the end Or this race could be running me into the ground Looking for a […]

Patiently Waiting

Trying not to fuss  Don’t want to be demanding  I watch you from afar  Being pulled  From one place to another  Always on the move  Something always to do  Still, I wait throughout the day  I wait for little moments together  The small amount of time we get   Whatever the length  I will wait […]

He Is Staring Back

A withered soul staring back  Tortured eyes of past mistakes  A wrinkled scarred face with sorrow visible in the lines Punishment represented by each line His face bears no semblance of victories   Just the guilt of many failures  Every look carries a certain level of pain  A voice hoarse from all the screaming Teeth stained […]