What’s Next

Journey is important Struggle is needed Loses are the keystone to success The same words are repeated Echoes of what people feed you to succeed As if success is the same for everyone It doesn’t matter what others did You are not the same Others before you were not you So what is the road […]

Rid Of People

You never get rid of people, and you shouldn’t try too Good or bad they leave their mark on your life They will teach you life lessons Those lessons will hurt, some more than others Some will come into your life for their whole existence Other’s will come into your life for a blink of […]

Good News Please!

Pacing back and forth Waiting for word  Hoping for good news My impatience grows Biting my nails, unaware that I’m doing this Phone still motionless Anxious for any news Times a complete mess  The hours going by fast and the minutes are slow Looking up to the ceiling and back down to the ground Can’t […]

Weighed By Hatred​

Easier it would be to let go Holding on makes things bitter Spoils the day Destories our empathy Poisons our thoughts Keeping the rage alive Eats away at the calm Gnawing away at the heels of compassion Anchors the ability to move past it Foam created by our words Tension spreads through the muscles It fuels […]

Another Santana Day

Santana walks slowly from behind the door. Making sure that the coast is clear. His breathing is completely calm and inaudible, keeping his heart rate down. All those years of playing hide-and-go-seek have paid off. Instead of stepping lightly he slides his shoes across the floor, so the old wood doesn’t creak. He comes the […]

Reasons To Change

Change creates fear Not knowing makes us uncomfortable Restlessness grows from uncertainty Better to dwell in the comfort zone That is where most live Greatness only exist past comfort Success grows only past the failures Pioneers excelled when embracing uncertainty Adapt to being uncomfortable Above are two sets of thinking First a set of excuses […]

People Watching 001

The world has a way of showing you the wrong path before it even clues you into what the right one is. I sit on the steps, at the entrance of this park. I watch a world of people pass in front of me, with the majority of them ignoring me, or just completely not […]

A Dimly Lit Room

A dimly lit room Sitting alone at a table In the quietest part of the house, they could find Removed for the rest who dwell in the home Even the mice are not welcome The only thing allowed are their thoughts For a writer finds the best stories in his own mind When nothing stirs in the […]

Dreams Vary

I closed my eyes today and I was transported to space. To a time when our star has died and we have multiple onto three different planets, on three different solar systems. We still fight about the same things. Surprising how some things never change. Other times when my head has hit the pillow, I […]

Impossible Step

The impossible is just another step A shackle we set for lack of ambition, knowledge, and dream What is possible today, was impossible by those who couldn’t see it yesterday So the impossible is not a limit but rather the next step. Push the barrier further. By looking back we can see all the possibles […]