Read This After

I don’t like that you saw me like this. Not like this. See me as I was. A good man that you once knew. The one who preached to be strong and stay positive. Words I should’ve lived by not just repeated. The man who once decided to do a marathon out of the blue, […]

Need Fear

I look to the stars for a glimpse of the past. No longer do I look both ways before I cross the street. That feeling that crawls up the back of your neck, doesn’t visit me. Once I feared the dark and searched for the light. I now enjoy the darks cold embrace. Never has […]

I Was Indifferent

I never asked why. It was because I didn’t care. We know what we want. Sometimes we don’t know how to say it. The words aren’t there. The feelings are… the gut feelings. I wasn’t sorry or ashamed. I didn’t feel bad, just felt indifferent. After all the years I didn’t stop you at the […]


Always dreaming what is not for me. I work to pay; just so I can live. Things that matter I miss, to busy working to live. Far away places are just that for me, far away places I might never see. If the day comes that I can see them, I will be too busy […]

We Never Know

We never know What someone is going through. What people are thinking. What makes someone lie. What makes someone break down inside. What causes someone to react the way they do. But you can always count on us to assume. We never know, why? Why is hate what we resort to first. Why can two sides […]

Mornings Are Great

I inhale the cereal, without taking a breath. I’m running late as always and promised myself to not leave the house hungry because I waste money on poor food choices. I choked a bit, tried to breath and swallow at the same time. I don’t recommend it. The last bite, no more cereal left, I […]

It’s Dark

The void at which I look down into is completely dark. What’s at the bottom? I’ve thrown many things down into it, and it’s been eerily quiet. What’s the depth of this darkness? That sound fails to escape and light is consumed within. I feel the warmth leaving my body and a chill devour my breath. The […]


I don’t know how to feel. Ever get that feeling. You can’t describe what you feel but you know it’s not right. Can’t find the words to voice your discomfort. The feeling bothers you, that something is off. As if someone is holding onto your shoulders, but you can’t get them off. The more you think […]


This is an addiction and I won’t give it up. Open the door to my Jeep and get in. Turn her on, check the gas. I roll down her windows. I put on my seatbelt, and search the radio for a good station. I take the parking brake off and put her in drive. The […]