My Time

The house is quiet, with all the rooms in darkness except two. In the bedroom, the TV flickers but nothing plays, the wife and baby sleep taking up most of the bed. In the living room, I sit with the light on; my Santana station playing on Pandora. Why Santana if I was born in […]

Words To Live By

It gets better. You are in the middle of the storm now. But the storms always passes. Words and phrases I have repeated. Over and over again. The worse things get. The bitter sting those words carry. Words with no meaning. No action to support their validity. Those words could be printed on a shirt. […]

A Mean Old Man

His response was as cold as his look. A man’s who expression could say it all. Mostly cynical and mean. The warmth of a parent he did not have. Success on was not congratulated, it was expected. Fail, and you were ignored. A beating would’ve been better. Never seen sympathy in his eyes. Not a tear, […]

The Slightest

Hope eventually fades.  Faith will falter.  Motivation will eventually abandon you.  Discipline is only as strong as the person.  It fails the weakest of us. Equality gives a fall sense that this world is fair. We would be foolish to think life would treat us fairly. There are no chances without risk. If you take chance […]

It Watches Me

Laying in bed, with part of the covers touching the floor. I can hear it walking around outside the bedroom door. It moves past the partially open door. The all too familiar sound wakes me. I wait in silence for a confirmation for what woke me. I hear it slowly creep up to the partially open […]

The Right Dream

Stop dreaming of the world. Dream of your world. We long for more than we need. The lives of others captivates us. We chase after want makes others happy and believe it will do the same for us. To often do we dream of being people who we aren’t. We don’t know ourselves. Always doubting and […]

Alone In A Crowd

Love the solitude that you find in the world’s largest city. On a cold fall day where everyone is bundled. Walking through the crowd of people all in alone in their own world. We all share the streets of this city but we won’t share each other’s space. My headphones blaring with the beautiful melodies […]

Change I Say

Change we must. To stay the same is to rot. Knowledge must be constantly learned. Learning leads to our growth. When we stop growing we just await death. With growth comes change. A flourishing flower on your windowsill must have its pot changed. Without that change, it cannot continue to grow. So it starts to […]

Doubt, Old Friend

Doubt is a loud voice. Yelling at you to listen. Filling your head with deception. Those echoes will attempt to crush your core. Doubt, chipping away at what you have built. No longer are you in control. The screams get louder and louder. Demanding that you walk away. Too afraid to turn around. Your confidence […]

Drawing A Blank

I rise early to produce more. Though my body is awake, my creativity is still asleep. My mind a blank with nothing, not even echoes. Just one spark, one idea that’s all I wait for. Never has it been so quiet. Never noticed how dead my living room sounds. Empty of life this place. I […]