Fighting Sleep

My eyelids are heavy today. Keeping the open is like lifting weights. Part of me wants to just leave them shut, not even fight it. The breezing cools my warm skin. I can hear the ocean waves crashing. The beach, the sand and the reason why I can’t stay awake. The stresses quickly departs me. […]

People Watching

Quietly I sit staring at the world in front of me. I stare at the people just passing by, some that catch my attention. Watching them has intently has a teenager playing his video games. I don’t miss a beat, my head is on a swivel, looking for a target to lock on. The right […]

My feet hurt.

The road is long and empty, with no cars or people in site. My feet hit the pavement one after another, the asphalt slipper underneath. The road is wet, the air is foggy and it’s a cloudy. I pray to the Gods I don’t believe in, that it doesn’t rain. Alone on this road ¬†with […]

At The Edge

At one point I look over. We all look over. To see how far that fall would be. See if it will hurt. Can we make it, or will we die. Would the fall be worth it. What is gained from committing to jump. Mostly all step away. For them nothing is to be gained. […]

Let’s start.

I don’t know how many times I have wanted to start. Something was always missing, or wasn’t perfect. Not the right background pictures for the banner, hadn’t transcribed my written stories from paper to computer. Always something, an excuse, a life event, not feeling it today, and after the time pasted, always the regret of […]