Getting Better

We weather things differently  Two different lenses that we look through  Always on different pages Often mis stepping on each other  We’re even wrong when it doesn’t matter Being perfect was never for us We knew this would take work  And trust me  As we get better  So will our home It’s still under construction […]


I want to say so many things At the same time I feel that I should stay quiet One minute I want change Be better, be greater And the next  I want none of that Do I change or stay the same Move forward or stay still Be comfortable and settle Or step out of […]

Last Rays

Withered pedals on the ground  Dry of all life Slowly the flowers follows the falling sun It’s final bow to sunlight  No more pedals will grow Soon it will be naked and on the ground It’s body dried up The world around them watching them die The sun will rise again tomorrow  The flower will […]

It’s Written

It’s been a long time since I’ve written My penmanship hasn’t gotten any better  And my spelling is still atrocious  That’s not what has been keeping me I honestly don’t know what it was  It wasn’t writer’s block  Or for a lack of ideas I’ve got notebooks of ideas collecting dust Maybe a lack of […]

The Drift

The drift of time As the snow piles  The world around me stops No one in or out The weather commands We find ourselves at it’s beckon  It orders and we follow At least I’m inside and warm Watching from the window At the misery on the outside The weather giving nature a relentless pummeling  […]